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Influential Blogger Outreach

Influencer relations are the key for exposure in today’s digital marketing world. We connect the right service and product to the correct influencer in the market.

Megrisoft Are Blogger Outreach Experts

Why do we call ourselves experts of influential blogger outreach? We call ourselves blogger outreach experts because we have been doing this for a very long period and have worked across continents getting the right people matched with the right influence in their market. We work on double aspects which are first to get your the right kind of exposure in your market and secondly to get natural and authentic linking along with social media promotions.
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Blogger Outreach Services

How do we approach our blogger outreach and influential marketing campaigns :-


Creating Campaign

Before starting anything we have to do the right planning for it. We will set the targets and decide the approach on how to connect with the right market for maximum exposure and natural linking.

Finding Influencers

We have our database of bloggers and influncers but that does not make us complacent. First we match the right ones from our existing database with your niche and side by side keep on finding more new blogs and connections.

Blogger Engagement

We have expert blogger outreach teams doing discovery and communications on daily basis. We never stop and keep on look out of different blogs on different themes and markets.

Pitching Bloggers

Blogger outreach is just like normal day to day business in which we have to convince a blogger why to post our content on their property. Here skills of communication and patience are tested which are team is good at.

Tracking Database

We have a good 10000+ blogs database and it is a never ending job to keep it maintained, updated and relevant. Many blogs change policy, some stop interactions, some die down and many such issues so we have a separate team which keeps the database up and relevant so that we can give the best to our clients.

Quick Turnaround

Like we said before we have the means to do the work as fast as you need or pace it as you would like it to be done. The option of going fast or slow lies in the hand of the clients. We aim at completing the work in efficient timing.

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Best Blogger Outreach Methodology To Make Your Marketing Campaign A Big Success

Why Choose Us For Your Blogging Needs

  • We are cost effective.
  • We have experienced team.
  • We have the resources.
  • We have relations with bloggers.
  • We provide speed, accuracy and efficiency.
  • We have on going research, discovery and communication going on with bloggers.
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Blogger Outreach Services

Influential Blogger Outreach Services For Market Exposure & Natural Linking

Are these the only packages available?
No we have a number of other packages as well and we can even make customized packages as per your needs. So please feel free to contact us at
Will the blogs be exact matching with my website theme?
We try and get as much possible closer match with the theme of the website but at times we have to broaden the horizon and get posts in broad matching theme as well since those blogs at times have more exposure. So it will be a mix of exact match and broad match.
Will I have to take these packages on monthly basis?
There is no fixed contract or compulsion for you to take the packages each month. We would recommend to repeat them on regular basis as that gives your website lot of exposure and the natural linking process keeps on going which finally yield results in natural search engine rankings.
How soon can we repeat blogger outreach packages?
You can order them anytime you want we can space the blog posts as per your needs. It does take time for the blog post content to be written and then further bloggers take time in posting so even if you repeat the order immediately after the finish up of first one the whole process will be natural.Yes you can contact us and we can make customised package for you where the blog post content will be provided from your side.

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