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Providers Of All Types Of Data Entry, Mining, Research & Support Services.

Megrisoft Data Entry & Support Services

We have the infrastructure and trained data entry team which can provide services like data mining, appraisal data entry, accounting and finance data entry, data processing, online product addition to catalogs or e-commerce websites as well as support services.
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Data Entry & Support Services

Data Entry, Data Mining, Data Research, Appraisal Data Entry, Support Services & People On Hire


Data Entry

We have trained team which can do all types of data entry work for you with speed, accuracy and cost efficiency. All types of form filling, excel data entry, online data entry are provided by us.


Appraisal Data Entry

We have trained staff for real estate appraisal reporting work. We do all types of sketches, form filling and provide different types of software assistance. We have fast turnaround and good pricing.


Data Mining

We can collect and mine data from different resources and as per your requirements. The data mining for example can be of blogs, items on auction, email collection, social media data collection and so on.


Data Research

Data research is a mix of data mining and entry services so you can give us instructions and we can do complete research for any specific needs of yours.

Data Processing

If you have any offline data which you want to get inputed into online system or software we can do the processing work for you. We can also work on images and input all types of data in the formats as required.

Support Services

Our trained support staff can work on your behalf and handle your ticket system, dashboard, chats and even phone calls all across the countries. They are well versed in English both in writing and speaking.

Why To Use Our Data Entry & Support Services

  • Trained staff available at competitive pricing.
  • Availability of infrastructure at low cost saving you overheads.
  • Ability to handle bulk orders and long term projects.
  • Good communication with proper English speaking account managers.
  • Latest use of technology and techniques.
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